A downloadable game for Windows

Aestus is a project that was made over a couple of months. At the beginning, I had absolutely no knowledge about game design, even less about computer programming. Through the development of this prototype, I familiarized with complex game development such as simplifying the core game loop, creating UML schematics that would later help out in code design, action trees, in-game economy such as wave difficulty, reward scaling, and many more aspects.

The engine used to make this prototype is Unreal Engine 4. In my opinion, this engine is a lot harder to use than Unity 3D. I began coding my game pretty much like everyone else : through blueprints. I quickly realized that the core features of the game were hard to implement through blueprint and the "code" was hard to read, even harder to debug.

As my knowledge in computer programming increased throughout my game programming course, I scrapped the whole game, and build it back from scratch, all in C++. All models were made in 3DSMax, their UVs were cut-out by hand and textured with photoshop and Substance.

*Please note that all sound assets are from the game Overwatch by Blizzard Entertainement and are copywrited. The turrets/drones were made by me in 3DSmax and painted with my own textures except from the front decal which comes from the drones in the movie Oblivion, which was used as inspiration. This is a school project, the prototype is only for personal use.

Install instructions

Unzip the file, fire up the .exe and enjoy my prototype.


Aestus_Prototype.zip 147 MB